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Lesson Guidlines 

We strive to develop an understanding of working toward and realizing goals of each individual rider. Not only will you develop equestrian skills, learn about horsemanship, but also a sense of responsibility and a personal relationship between instructor, horse and rider.



Private Lessons 

Lessons run approximately an hour long with 30 minutes of ride time. During this time, the rider will learn basic riding skills, grooming, tacking up your horse and safety. All lessons are scheduled by appointment only. To schedule a lesson - please call Jamie Hogan at (252)-289-8929 or email 


- Ages 6 and up, lessons are $55 per lesson. 

- Semi Private lessons are $45 per lesson.

- Driving lessons are $60 per lesson.


- Please show up 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time to keep lessons on track. 

- If you must cancel your lesson, it must be done so by noon that day to avoid being charged. 

- All riders will sign a liability waiver and rider registration form before they ride. 

- Lessons are by appointment only. Late cancellations and "no shows" will be billed as if you had taken your lesson.

Riding Academy Enrollment

- Initial enrollment requires the student to be regularly scheduled in 4 lessons prior to enrollment. 

- Students must schedule at least 1 lesson per week or purchase a lesson package of 4 per month to stay enrolled in the riding academy. 

- Lesson packages must be paid in advance. The month will run from the 1st through the 30th/31st. 

- Prepaid package lessons will expire at the end of the month whether used or not. Please check with Jamie about the exceptions for missing lessons due to rescheduling, weather cancellations and horse shows. 

Package Prices 

- 4 Riding lessons per month: $180

- 6 Riding lessons per month: $270

- 8 Riding lessons per month: $360 

- 4 Driving lessons per month: $220

- 6 Driving lessons per month: $330

- 8 Driving lessons per month: $440

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